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Some Favorite Chihuahua Links

These are some links to some of our favorite chihuahua sites. Before we considered a chihuahua, we used the computer to research everything about chihuahuas (even though we pretty much knew we were going to get one anyway).

Chihuahua Groups

This is my own chihuahua group. We are a small group, but we all have big hearts. We have a lot of chihuahua knowledge between us, and just have fun. Come on in and join our friendly group!

Sadly, MSN has closed its groupsCry

We have all stated anew on Yuku groups. Please come visit us thereCool

(Most of these groups are all private now. You will have to join, and please do. We are a great bunch of people who love our chis!)

Another wonderful group of chihuahua lovers.

And yet another wonderful group of chihuahua lovers.

A must see site!

Everything for your pet.

Some great information here!

A wonderful place to go if you have lost a pet. A very well put together web site with many good links. The poem Rainbow Bridge is in this site.

Favorite Sites

Another fun site with a lot of information.

Clothes just for small dogs. Check it out!

If you are interested in fine art photography, this is the place for you!

Come in and browse.

You just might find that perfect photograph for your living room, bedroom, or family room.